Large Box for foam trays for large minis from Star Wars Legion (empty)

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This large box allows for the safe storage of all other miniatures larger than troop minis.

The large box is divided into 4 quarters, of which every quarter can be filled with a foam tray for large minis or vehicles of your choice. This way you can easily change the configuration of minis inside and carry only the units you need for playing.

In our boxes we use foam of increased density which always allows easy movement and changing of trays while ensuring the safety of minis.

It can also be used for storing and carrying foam trays for gaming accessories and cards.

This large box is made of 5-layered stiff cardboard with both sides covered by a plastic foil.
It has 2 Velcro attachments to prevent unwanted opening.
The lid has an attached layer of foam which gently and safely secures the miniatures from the top.

External dimensions: 415mm x 280mm x 120mm.

Internal dimensions: 400mm x 272mm x 113mm.

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