Foam tray for 46 troop minis

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Presented product is a foam tray for safe vertical storage of trooper minis from Star Wars Legion. 

With the Regular Box this foam tray creates a unique solution where the miniatures are stored in a vertical position.  A special gum added to the foam gently and firmly holds the bases preventing them from falling out. The lid of the box has an attached layer of foam which gently and safely secures the miniatures from the top.

The foam has 42 circular slots of 26mm diameter for 6 units of 7 troopers, as well as 2 additional circular slots for commanders and 2 traditional rectangular slots.

Minis that are too big to be carry in vertical position in a Regular Box are Luck Skywalker, Lord Vader, Boba Fett and commander of Rebel Commandosunit.  For those minis the foam includes regular slots of dimesions 30mmx54mmx40mm.

The foam tray occupies a half of the inside space of a regular box.

Foam dimensions: 267mm x197mm x46mm.

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